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Information update: 

IOSH has recently been informed by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) that IOSH Working Safely will no longer be eligible for the Green Labourer card and that current eligibility will cease on 31 March 2020. However our Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers course is now approved.

Are you a training provider looking to sell Working Safely to delegates? A great course for the mass market to learn the basics of health and safety. 

We have developed this helpful web-page to provide you with essential resources when delivering Working Safely. We've included eye-catching animations and images you can use through your social media channels.


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Just in!

Return to work - Image

Many businesses and employees are worried about the risks about returning home, so why not reassure them with our Return to work advert. 

You can download the image by clicking on the one you prefer, right click and "save as".

returning safely ad


Previous campaigns

Has Working Safely got you working safely? - Animation

This is a creative and quirky social media campaign to engage with your customers and to generate interest from prospective users. 

Download the Spot the Hazards animation by clicking the three dots on the right and click "download"



Take care of yourself - Images 

We created this visual campaign to show how Working Safely can resonate at an emotional level with delegates, highlighting their importance within a workforce and the human cost of failing to develop a strong safety and health culture within a business.

Download the take care of yourself images by clicking on the image you would like to download and then right click and save as.




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