Leading Safely marketing resources

Are you a training provider looking to sell Leading Safely to delegates? A course that covers precisely what you need to know to improve productivity, increase profits, enhance corporate reputation and strengthen a company's brand.

We have developed this helpful web-page to provide you with essential resources when delivering Leading Safely. We've included eye-catching animations and images you can use through your social media channels.


Trainer brochure

Previous campaigns



Previous campaigns

Invest in 5 hours in Leading Safely - Video

Show the benefits of Leading Safely across the space of 19 seconds! A quirky animation which will show your delegates why Leading Safely benefits their business, but also engaging them on social media.

Download the Invest in 5 hours by clicking the three dots on the right and click "download"



Leading Safely pays dividends - Image

Putting safety and health at the heart of your company strategy can be one of the best investments for a business, so why not tell them with this powerful but simplistic messaging.

Download the pay dividends image by clicking on the image and then right click and save as.



Get 120% ROI - Image

Business care about their return of investment and using this social media ad will open their eyes to the financial benefit you get with Leading Safely

Download the 120% ROI image by clicking on the image and then right click and save as.