Fire Safety for Managers marketing resources

Are you a training provider looking to sell Fire Safety for Managers to delegates?

This course is an important step to achieving such a culture to get the buy-in of managers, supervisors and team leaders to tackle fire safety issues.

We have developed this helpful web-page to provide you with essential resources when delivering Fire Safety for Managers. We've included eye-catching images you can use through your social media channels.


Trainer brochure



Fire safety for Managers - Images

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Does your team know?

This will remind businesses to train all colleagues in their teams so everyone is clear on fire safety.

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Don't panic

If teams are not sure what to do in case of a fire, then managers should be aware of fire safety and how to help their teams. 

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Using this image will help businesses understand that everyone has responsibilities.

This can help develop a strong safety and health culture within a business.

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