Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

On an off the front line

There are few professions where safety and health is taken more seriously than emergency services. So, when Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service in the UK needed to develop greater safety awareness in colleagues responsible for day-to-day management, they turned to our Managing Safely course.

The course was rolled out to all line managers and colleagues with specific safety and health responsibilities, alongside individuals already identified as potential future managers.

The service developed a stronger, more coherent safety and health culture by educating every colleague about their individual safety and health responsibilities. Flexibility was vital, as training schedules needed to fit around shift patterns.

Following the investment in training, tangible benefits have been gained from tailoring the training to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s precise requirements. The Managing Safely course directly addressed the issues faced by colleagues in everyday working life, while maintaining elements of realism. This has helped individuals to identify issues they need to manage outside of the course.

Colleagues report that they’ve enjoyed the training and now find it useful in their day-to-day roles. Several former trainees have already requested additional training and are keen to progress further.

Company profile

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for a diverse area of north-west England, much of which is rural. The service operates 25 fire stations, four community safety centres, three community fire protection offices and a headquarters and training facility. Overall, this 24-hour emergency service protects over a million people.

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