Re-thinking Risk - Systems Thinking for the OSH Practitioner

As OSH practitioners continue to push the boundaries of OSH practice, IOSH has teamed up with a Systems Thinking practice, ARMSA Consulting, to deliver a 2 day introduction to Systems Thinking programme. 

Designed specifically for OSH professionals wanting to make a sustainable difference to their business by adding value and not just through minimising loss. You have an awareness of the limits and dangers of linear thinking but find it difficult to establish a compelling vocabulary and message to convince those at the top. You have a solid grasp of OSH but find it challenging to articulate risks emerging from the assumptions that influence business decisions. If any of these resonate with you, then this programme will help you develop a common language for talking about systemic issues and equip you with lens that helps you objectively expand your view and influence over organisational and operational reality.

Develop a common language for talking about systemic issues and gain a view point that helps you objectively expand your view and influence over organisational and operational reality.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Describe the history and evolution of Systems Thinking
  • Explain principles of Systems Thinking e.g. system boundaries, parts and interrelationships
  • Differentiate ‘hard’ from ‘soft’ systems
  • Contrast the behaviour and application of ‘open’ versus ‘closed’ systems
  • Model basic causal loop diagrams using rich pictures
  • Apply the System of System Methodologies to define problem contexts
  • Use basic system maps to model your organisation
  • Demonstrate that OSH risk is an outcome of organisational and operational design and decision making
  • Use Systems Thinking to engage non-safety professionals.

What's in it or you? 

  • By adopting a systems thinking mindset, it enables one to look at their business in its wider context to understand how it functions;
  • Systems thinking will enable you to accurately describe your organisational context;
  • It will contextualise the ongoing debate involving Safety and Health Management Systems, Behavioural Based Safety, Safety 1 and Safety 2 as systems thinking is common to all of these; and
  • You will be able to effectively contribute to organisational and operational performance by thinking of risk more holistically rather than at a task level.

All IOSH CPD courses will count toward CPD compliance. Reflective statement forms are provided in order for key messages and learnings to be documented and recorded.

Who should attend? 

OSH practitioners, such as Health and Safety Directors, Managers and Advisors.

What you need to know

Pre-requisites – None
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Twitter: @armsaconsulting
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Live dates

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