Managing Risk


The aim and objectives of this session are to explore what we mean by health, safety and wellbeing (HSW) risk management; to provide a practical understanding of how to manage HSW and to explain the role of senior managers.

Delegates will learn:

      1. What we mean by HSW risk
      2. How to identify the need to undertake risk assessments
      3. The role of senior managers
      4. How to deal with and escalate risk

There will be four parts to the session and a conclusion.

Part one: What is risk?

      • Defining risk
      • Why this matter
      • A simple descriptive model

Part two: Task Lists

      • What you need to do
      • Risk assessments in Law

Part three: Risk Assessment

      • Extending the risk definition
      • The importance of scales
      • Template examples – being able to “read” a risk assessment

Part four: Managing risk assessments

      • Controlling risk
      • Monitoring
      • Communication
      • Managing Covid-19 risk

Part five: Conclusions

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