Leadership through Covid-19: Providing Reassurance


The training explores five themes and challenges for managers.  The session is interactive and allows delegates to explore issues and exchange ideas.  It is designed to prompt thoughts about how to manage organisations and provides a range of tools and techniques that might allow organisations to manage some of the challenges around Covid-19 risk.

The training draws from experiences gained in supporting organisations such as GVC; HMCTS; the Home Office; and many other organisations in dealing with Covid-19 risk management.

Course outcomes

  • Provide reassurance (to you and for you to reassure your teams) that it is safe to return to work
  • Deal with concerns in an empathetic manner
  • Support you in developing ‘resilience’ in yourself, your teams and your business
  • Offer practical tips and approaches
  • The COVID-19 Secure workplace – what this means to us

There will be five themes to the session and a conclusion.

Theme one - The positive side of coming to work

Theme one - Providing reassurance

Theme three - Returning to work

  • Covid-19 controls
  • Challenges in implementation
  • Employers, employees, and other stakeholders

Theme four - Developing resilience

  • Support, empathy and compassion
  • Stressors
  • Changes in work related stressors

Theme five - Leading by example

Conclusions and questions

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