Better Behavioural Safety


This one day course is about giving OSH professionals a deeper understanding of behavioural safety and how to apply the principles of behavioural science to influence safety and health related behaviours at work in all sectors.

There is plenty of thought provoking discussion, along with useful signposts and food for thought; as well as the opportunity for delegates to exchange ideas and experiences.

Learning aims

Delegates will be able to understand and apply the principles of behavioural safety and be able to present and use behavioural safety-related content in their workplace.

Learning objectives

  • The learner will have a clear understanding of how to analyse behaviours and the nature of human error that contribute to accidents in the workplace.
  • To demonstrate how habits are formed and can be changed to improve safety performance
  • The ability to apply the principles of behavioural science to influence behaviours to enable sustainable excellence in safety performance.


  • Module 1 – Understanding and Analysing Behaviour.
  • Module 2 – Predicting and Understanding types of Human Failure
  • Module 3 – Understanding the key principles of Behavioural science in relation to Safety
  • Module 4 – Successful Application of ABC Analysis, relevant hazards in the workplace and how we can minimize risk by influencing behaviour and changing habits

Book onto this course to upskill in Strategy and Leadership and Management, two areas from our competency framework.

Live dates

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