IOSH training courses

Welcome to the most comprehensive and accessible range of occupational safety and health courses available anywhere.

Our versatile training products are suitable for everyone in your organisation, helping to promote a safety-conscious culture throughout your workforce. We’ll help you solve real problems using practical and effective tools, processes and knowledge, and we won't let jargon get in the way.

Our full range of health and safety courses

Our training is divided into categories; Core Skills, Management Education, Executive Education and Professional Development, enabling you to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of co-workers at all levels. Our Managing Safely and Working Safely courses have been translated into Arabic and Simplified Chinese. The translated factsheets and workbooks are available on the relevant course pages.

Core Skills

Fundamental training that every person in the workplace needs, regardless of role, to be able to operate safely and healthily. Technical content to help people maintain and develop their expertise.

Management Education

Educating managers in organisations whose responsibility is to implement and deliver the business strategy. They need training to help them operate and work safely in their workplace while deploying the strategy.

Executive Education

A suite of courses to complement your business needs.

Professional Development

Courses to provide safety and health professionals with a structured pathway of learning, from our Level 3 Certificate to an increasing range of CPD courses.

Tailored training courses

If you are looking for something specific, the tailored training courses we offer have been developed by members of our worldwide network of licensed training providers.