Train the Trainer solutions

Do you aspire to deliver IOSH courses, or already do so? Are you looking to ensure your trainers meet the IOSH requirement to have a level 3 adult training qualification requirement? Our recently launched e-learning Train the Trainer course could be exactly what your organisation is looking for.

This course is made up of six guided learning hours and is suitable for all levels of training experience, with the primary aim of developing the ability to run productive and exciting courses.

The course will also develop essential training skills and promote a clear understanding of how to teach effectively, leaving you energised and well-equipped to deliver quality training sessions that will draw out the best input from you to get the best results from your audience.

What are the key benefits?

  • It will enhance and develop knowledge about how to teach effectively
  • It will help deliver engaging, learner-focused training, to fully maximise the potential of the IOSH training material
  • The course can be completed in six guided learning hours


Once the online course has been completed, the trainer will be asked to deliver a short training session on a subject of their choice. Following this, they are required to provide a summary of preparation, delivery and evaluation of the session, supported by evidence using the IOSH templates provided. IOSH will review this submission and award either a pass or fail and provide feedback.

For more information, download the course factsheet.

Interested in booking the course?

The course costs £26 plus VAT. You can book onto this course by contacting our bookings team on + 44 (0)116 257 3197 or email bookings@iosh.com.

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