Research reports
Research reports

Driver Diesel Exposure Mitigation Study (DEMiSt)

It's the largest real-world in-vehicle personal exposure study to date: the Driver Diesel Exposure Mitigation Study (DEMiSt). This aimed to quantify the exposure of urban professional drivers to diesel exhaust, to provide a framework for evaluating their risk, and to allow for the formulation of risk reduction strategies.

Conducted by researchers from the MRC Centre for Environment and Health, Environmental Research Group at Imperial College London, and funded by IOSH, this new study found that professional drivers are disproportionately affected by exposure to diesel exhaust fumes and are put at greater risk of cancer. There is, therefore, an urgent need for employers and stakeholders to take action to reduce the levels of these workers’ exposure to diesel emissions.

Want to read the full study? Have a read through the summary and full reports below.

“We believe there are around a million people working in jobs like these in the UK alone, so this is a widespread and under-appreciated issue – indeed, it was very noticeable to us just how surprised drivers taking part in the study were at the levels of their exposure to diesel.”

Dr Ian Mudway, Senior Lecturer at the MRC Centre for Environment and Health, Environmental Research Group, Imperial College London

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