IOSH book
IOSH book

Be the best: how to become a world class health and safety professional

This isn’t a typical health and safety book. It won’t tell you why you should manage health and safety, or even what you should be managing – there are plenty of other books that do that.

Instead, this book recognises that getting a qualification is only the start of the journey towards being an effective health and safety professional. From overcoming the traditional ‘clipboard and cagoule’ image of health and safety to convincing people that good health and safety means good business, this practical, no-nonsense guide will help you get the best out of your knowledge and experience and the people you work with.

Read this book and you’ll learn how to:

  • get the support of senior managers and budget holders for your ideas
  • stress the ‘value-added’ benefits of good health and safety
  • management clearly and simply
  • develop inspiring ways of overcoming inaction and lack of interest
  • among managers and staff
  • create effective and engaging training
  • use monitoring and audits to get the best out of the resources available.


Board steering group

Most board meetings will contain an element of health and safety, even if it’s just as simple as seeing the organisation’s safety performance for the period. For many years, safety professionals argued that this wasn’t enough, and in 2007 this was recognised by the Health and Safety Commission and the Institute of Directors, which published joint guidance on the leadership actions that directors and board members can take on health and safety at work. The guidance suggests that setting up a board steering group is a good idea, but how do you do it?

The steering group is a subset of the main board and has the same standing orders and similar terms of reference as other subcommittees. Its aim is to maintain the impetus on health and safety matters at the senior levels of the organisation.

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