OSH knowledge and its management

The study had two aims: to describe the OSH landscape in the UK and to identify how OSH knowledge is used in the workplace by professional practitioners and by non-professional workers who have OSH responsibilities in different kinds of organisations.

The project, undertaken by the Institute of Occupational Medicine, addressed the following questions:

  • who provides information about OSH interventions, and is this in the public domain?
  • how does the provider control the quality of the information, in terms of relevance and accessibility?
  • does the provider assess who accesses the information and how it is used?
  • what is the evidence on the successful transfer of research knowledge to information providers, OSH practitioners and non-professionals who have OSH responsibilities?
  • what can we learn from other fields and disciplines about successful knowledge transfer between research and practice and about making research accessible to a non-expert audience?

Read the full report here.