Health and safety in a changing world

IOSH is committed to evidence-based practice in workplace safety and health. We maintain a research fund to support research, lead debate and inspire innovation as part of our work as a thought-leader in safety and health.

Our five-year research programme, Health and Safety in a Changing World, set out to explore the landscape of occupational safety and health and its implications for developing solutions that provide effective protection for workers and their communities.

Commissioned by IOSH, studies were undertaken by teams from the Institute of Occupational Medicine, Loughborough University, Cranfield University and the universities of Nottingham, Reading and Portsmouth, under the direction of Professor Robert Dingwall.

The findings are examined in a book, Health and Safety in a Changing World, edited by Prof Dingwall and IOSH executive director Shelley Frost, published by Routledge. Papers on the research projects feature in the October 2016 edition of our academic journal, Policy and Practice in Health and Safety (PPHS).

Here, we present the full reports of the studies. This is a summary of key findings.