Research fund

Call for research proposals

Our 2019 call for research proposals has now closed.

The 2019 call aimed to bring together experienced researchers, academics and other experts across the globe to submit proposals that support our strategic vision to create workplaces that are safer, healthier and more sustainable in the long-term.

We welcomed applications for research looking to addresses the following areas:

  • Non-health related fatalities
  • Work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Read more about our two priority areas.

We always encourage applications that propose collaborative research with other like-minded funding bodies and applications from researchers outside the UK.

How to apply

If you're interested in submitting a research proposal in future years and would like more information on the application process, please see our call for bids process and the 2019 application form to give you an understanding of the type of details we need.

You can also watch our recent webinar, Call for Research proposals 2019. Our research department answered questions on the research fund and discussed the priority areas. Rewatch the webinar online.

For any queries, please see our frequently asked questions, or contact rfunding@iosh.com.

Please note:

At the moment, we don’t fund research studentships for those looking for funding for their studies. However, if the proposed project is part of a larger study that is supervised and leads to a higher degree (e.g. PhD), this can be considered.


We also sponsor and support other organisations doing research in occupational safety and health related areas.

The Affinity Health at Work research consortium
A collaboration between researchers and employer organisations, national institutions and interested individuals who support research in workplace wellbeing and employee engagement.

A partnership between research funding organisations from European countries who collaborate on research programming and launch joint calls in the field of industrial safety.

Find out more about previous research grants awarded.