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Group Communications Co-ordinator

The role of a Group Communications Co-ordinator is to assist the committee with all group communications liaising with their Relationship Manager and, where necessary, the Communications directorate.

The Communications Co-ordinator's term of office is two years, they are then eligible for re-election. The role can be shared between more than one person if preferred. The Communications Co-ordinator may have any membership category of IOSH and by agreement could be a non-member.

The tasks for a Communications Co-ordinator may include:


  • Leading on highlighting IOSH campaigns by liaising with IOSH staff when required.


  • Overseeing the network pages on the IOSH website:
    - Understand IOSH online standards and work within given guidance
    - Liaise with committee members to collate information needed for the website
    - Co-ordinate the uploading of content on the website for the network by sending forms with content to webhelp@iosh.com.
    - Make sure information on network pages is current and up to date, sending new information as it is needed and requesting the removal of old or obsolete information.
  • Helping send Committee Mailer messages to group members:
    - Liaise with Chair and committee to agree on content and timelines for messages.
    - Input message into Mailer online system and have content proofread by another member.
  • Communicating to members through use of IOSH approved social media.