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Group Chair

The role of a Group Chair is to ensure that the group's business is organised and run in an efficient and effective manner, and to co-ordinate the activities of the group in line with those of IOSH and its strategy.

The Chair liaises with Committee members, the Relationship Manager, IOSH staff, group members and external stakeholders.

The Chair's term of office is for a maximum of three years. Although the Chair is normally a Chartered Member of IOSH, a non-Chartered Chair can apply under some circumstances.

Key responsibilities are:


  • Ensure that an effective committee is formed, elected and renewed in line with the Groups’ Guidance and the groups’ recruitment process.
  • Ensure the Group committee meets regularly and meetings are productive and effective.
  • With support from your Relationship Manager, ensure that group finances are managed within IOSH’s constitutional guidelines.
  • Oversee the activities of the group to ensure compliance with the Regulations as detailed in the IOSH corporate manual.
  • Have and exercise a second or casting vote in the event of a tied vote on any motion properly put.
  • Act as a key contact within the group to deal with any areas of complaint or dissatisfaction from group members relating to the activities of the group.
  • Comply with the Groups’ Peer Review process, including producing a three year rolling plan and attending the triennial reviews.
  • If the committee are made aware, bring the details of possible professional misconduct of Network members to the attention of IOSH staff.


  • Chair committee meetings, ensuring that business is conducted efficiently, effectively, in a professional manner, within the constitution, and that decisions are suitably recorded and communicated.
  • Co-ordinate the roles and activities of the committee to promote the development of the group by meeting the needs of members and other stakeholders.
  • To decide how best to assign tasks to individual committee members and assist them in fulfilment of their role, as requested.
  • To provide general support to committee members.


  • Ensure that events and projects carried out receive appropriate approval.
  • Ensure that events and projects carried out are in line with IOSH branding guidelines and are suitable for the Institution’s image.
  • Promote and encourage new initiatives that will be of general benefit to the group and IOSH.
  • To introduce new members to the group at the earliest opportunity.
  • Support the IOSH Campaigns through events, projects, etc.


  • Liaise with your Relationship Manager.
  • Ensure that committee members and group members are kept abreast of news, points of interest and developments within IOSH.
  • To act as a key contact for the Group and co-ordinate correspondence between the Group and IOSH staff.
  • To be one of the main points of contact with your Relationship Managers and IOSH staff.