Branch Vice-Chair

The Branch Vice-Chair will provide support and assistance to the Chair and assist in co-ordinating the activities of the Network. They will promote and assist in the achievement of IOSH’s objectives and strategy.

The Vice-Chair liaises with Committee Members, the Regional Manager, other IOSH staff, network members and external stakeholders.

The Vice-Chair's term of office is for one year. They are eligible for re-election for up to a maximum of four consecutive years. Although the Vice-Chair is normally a Chartered Member of IOSH, non-Chartered Vice-Chairs can apply if approved.

Key responsibilities are:


  • Deputise for the Chair during an absence and comply with the Chair’s key responsibilities.
  • Assist in overseeing the activities of the branch to ensure compliance with Regulation 15 as detailed in the IOSH corporate manual.
  • To act as a key contact within the branch to deal with any areas of complaint or dissatisfaction from branch members relating to the activities of the branch in the absence of, or at the request of, the Chair.
  • Have and exercise a second or casting vote in the event of tied votes on any motion properly put, in the absence of the Chair.


  • Chair the committee meetings and ensure that they are conducted in a professional manner in the absence of the Chair.
  • Assist in co-ordinating the roles and activities of the committee to promote the development of the branch by meeting the needs of members and other stakeholders.


  • Support the IOSH Campaigns through events, projects, etc.
  • To support and assist the Chair, with particular emphasis on developing branch membership.


  • Ensure that committee members and branch members are kept abreast of news, points of interest and developments within IOSH.
  • To act as a key contact for the branch and co-ordinate correspondence between the branch and IOSH staff as required by the Chair.