Our policy positions

IOSH develops policy positions through research and by consulting our members, who understand the issues that affect people’s safety, health and wellbeing in the workplace.

As the Chartered body for our profession, IOSH is a leading voice on the issues affecting the safety, health and wellbeing of people at work across industry sectors and around the world. Through research and in consultation with our members, we develop policy positions that inform our influencing activity.

Here are our policy positions on a range of health and safety issues:


IOSH COVID-19 policy position

During times of major challenge and crisis such as COVID-19, occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals have important roles in helping organisations and governments to protect lives and manage OSH and wellbeing risks, business continuity and sustainability. They work throughout all sectors and for organisations of all sizes and types across the globe and IOSH actively supports this.

COVID-19 Policy