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Applications now open

How do I apply to become a Council member?

Membership of Council is open to all members of IOSH. Candidates must be a member of IOSH with a current subscription and up to date Continued Professional Development (CPD) at the time of application (where CPD is a requirement of their membership category).

What is the application process?

Applications are now closed for 2021 and will reopen in April 2022.

Stage 1 – Applications  

Candidates are required to submit an electronic application form via the nomination site. The application questions will be based on the competency criteria from the Council member role profile.

Applications are anonymised prior to being long listed by a selection panel. A scoring system is used by the panel to select up to a maximum of 36 candidates.

Stage 2 – Panel Interview 

The candidates selected at stage 1 are invited to attend an interview session which includes a 5-minute presentation and two panel questions. A scoring system is used by the panel to short list up to a maximum of 24 candidates.


The 24 short-listed candidates are put forward to the membership for election to Council. Candidates are required at this stage to submit a video and statement which is included on the candidate information and voting site.

Prior to voting opening, and through to when voting closes, candidates are permitted to campaign to help the voter understand who they are and what they stand for. During the process IOSH hosts a number of husting webinars, which candidates are given the opportunity to attend, to answer questions from members about their candidacy prior to voting opening.

Candidates are required to remain compliant with our electioneering rules throughout. 

Elected members join Council after the IOSH Annual General Meeting each year and serve for three years.