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Voting for IOSH Council is now open!

Voting is now open to elect the twelve new members of IOSH Council.

From Wednesday 01 July, all members are invited to vote in the Council elections. We strongly recommend you take the time to review applications and vote for who you would like to represent the voice of the membership.  

It is essential that voters understand who they are voting for and what they stand for. Many forms of campaigning are not only legitimate but welcome and the following link sets out how to remain compliant with our electioneering rules.

During the voting period members can also post questions to candidates on the IOSH dedicated Members’ Forum.

Those elected will join after the Institution’s Annual General Meeting in October and successful candidates will serve for the next three years.

Why you should make your vote?

  • IOSH’s Council represent the views of members of the Institution to the Board of Trustees, from both global and national perspectives.
  • They advise and give guidance on matters of strategy and policy relating to the objects of the Institution, on issues relevant to members, on the membership of IOSH and on the occupational safety and health profession.
  • Council carefully considers information and evidence provided by the Board of Trustees in order to enable it to ensure that the Board of Trustees is acting in the best interests of the Institution and its members.
  • It also considers regulations made by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the provisions of the Byelaws, rules specifically relating to Council elections, Vice-President elections and casual vacancies on Council, resolutions and proposed changes to the Charter and Byelaws and any other matters relevant to the business of Council, including scrutinising papers, leading discussions and focusing on key issues.

The deadline to vote is Friday 07 August 2020 at 5pm (BST).

Learn more about the candidates and to vote

You will need your IOSH membership number to place your vote.

Hear from some of our current Council members

  • Daisy Silclock TechIOSH, Council member

  • Stuart Hughes, Vice President