Audit and Risk Committee

Skills matrix/application form

Completed applications should be submitted by 17:00 (GMT) on Monday 07 February 2022.

Applications will be short listed and successful applicants will be invited for interview, held by video conference between Thursday 03 and Thursday 17 March 2022. The interview panel will consist of the relevant Board Committee Chair and two members of the Nominations Committee.

These are voluntary positions however reasonable expenses will be paid whilst in post.

If you have any queries regarding the roles or would like to discuss them in more detail email governance@iosh.com.

Skills matrix/application form

Guidance notes on completing this form

This application form will not automatically save if you exit so we recommend that you use Word or a similar application to complete your answers and copy them to the form when you are ready to submit.

Please complete all sections applicable to the application stage. These are marked with an ‘A’.

Candidate information
Person requirements

These are measured by Application (A), Presentation (P) and Interview (I).

Please provide one example of how your experience or background meets the criteria.

General Committee Member Skills
Be able to explain which parts of the strategy you think will be most relevant to this committee and how it might assist the Board to undertake its duties in relation to it. (P)
Be able to identify the key environmental, political or economic factors affecting the OSH agenda. (I)
Demonstrate an understanding of the governance structure at IOSH and the place of the committee within it. (A) (250 words maximum)
Tell us about a time when you have had to devise an innovative solution in order to achieve a desired outcome. (A) (250 words maximum)
For example, when you have prepared for, taken part in, or led strategic planning or specific project meetings on a regular basis and had to be respectful of other views. (A, I) (250 words maximum)
Tell us about a recent time when you have worked as part of a team to achieve a specified outcome. (A) (250 words maximum)
Be able to provide an example where you have communicated effectively with different audiences to achieve a desired outcome. (I)
Be able to tell us about a time when you have balanced the need for openness and confidentiality. (I)
Define conflict of interest and provide an example of where you have identified and declared a conflict of interest. (A) (250 words maximum)
Be able to tell us about a time where you have listened to advice and opinion different to your own and amended a proposal or your own views accordingly. (I)
Qualifications or Business experience
List relevant experience and/or qualifications (A)
Specific technical skills and competences (all highly desirable)
The Committee will receive statutory reports, including annual accounts, and accounting policies for recommendation for approval by the Board of Trustee. The committee will also receive assurance that accounting standards have been adhered to. (A/I) (250 words maximum)
The committee will receive assurance that IOSH’s internal controls and risk management processes are fit for purpose. (A/I) (250 words maximum)
The Committee will ensure the competence, effectiveness, independence and objectivity of both the external and internal auditors. As well as be involved in the recommendation of the appointment of the external auditor. (A/I) (250 words maximum)
The Committee will scrutinise IOSH’s accounting and risk management policies; the council’s election process and assure the Board of the robustness of each. (A/I) (250 words maximum)
The Committee will receive assurance of the effectiveness of key governance structures. (A/I) (250 words maximum)
IOSH is keen to minimise impact on the environment, utilising technology to support IOSH’s modern, flexible and agile ways of working. (A)
This includes attendance at four half day meetings (in person or via video conference). Preparation for meetings will also be required and there may be a need where circumstances require for occasional additional ad hoc meetings. (A/I)
Volunteers are expected to declare any potential conflicts of interest relevant to the position being applied for. (A)
Statement on Data Protection and Data Processing
Personal information contained within this application form will only be used for the position(s) applied for and no other purpose. The information will be kept confidentially by IOSH and only used by the Nominations Committee and Governance Team for the purposes of selecting the most appropriate candidates for interview and appointment to Board Committee vacancies.