The IOSH-approved course keeping music industry professionals and festival-goers safe

With millions of members of the public attending festivals across the globe every year, it is important those working in the music and entertainment industry ensure that visitors and the workers involved in organising and running music events are kept safe and healthy at all times.

Large stages, noise exposure and heavy video and lighting equipment can all potentially create hazards and being aware of what can go wrong and how to mitigate these issues is essential for the workers involved in bringing these festivals to life.

Peter Gates is a Chartered Member of IOSH and a health and safety adviser at a major entertainment company which has been involved in organising some of the largest festivals in the UK – Wilderness, Leeds and Reading, to name a few. They attract a significant number of attendees, requiring staff to be trained in how best to manage safety in order to ensure accidents don’t occur.

Peter is familiar with IOSH’s Managing Safely course, having spent many years delivering it to workers in his industry. However, while much of the knowledge within the course was deemed useful and was well-received, workers found some of the course content didn’t address some of the specific questions and challenges in their own industry. Peter identified the need to tailor the course to include examples that would resonate with those working in the music industry – for example, showing what can go wrong when setting up production on stages and what the consequences of mistakes can be.

Managing Safely in the Music and Entertainment Industry is a course that takes the core concepts of Managing Safely and tailors it for the individual needs of the sector-specific audience. It has been assessed through IOSH’s Course Approval Process, which gives training providers the opportunity to develop courses to cater to specific needs while retaining the same essential information. Many sectors can benefit from this tailored approach - Peter has personally seen increased engagement, knowledge retention and focus from delegates as a result.

“For training courses to be effective, it is essential to get people thinking about and discussing what they are being told,” says Peter. “When people respond favourably to course content, they are more interactive, have more productive discussions and learn more along the way.

“We found in the music and entertainment industry that many course delegates faced the same sorts of challenges. By engaging with workers and making the course directly relevant to their day-to-day activities and needs, we achieved much stronger results.”

Tailored training courses are developed by members of IOSH’s worldwide network of licensed training providers and are assessed and approved by IOSH, ensuring they meet the highest standards for course quality and trainer competence. Tailored courses can be based on existing IOSH products or can be designed by training providers from scratch before they are submitted to IOSH for approval.

Many tailored courses have already been developed, including those designed for specialist industry sectors such as logistics, events management and patient care.

 “When people go to festivals, they want to have a good time and to relax, safe in the knowledge that their wellbeing is being looked out for," adds Peter. "Keeping workers and members of the public safe is essential, and the course I developed with the help of colleagues and IOSH makes a huge difference in getting the message across and highlighting the vital role safety and health plays in making these great events a success.”

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