"Revitalising 2.0 - Building back better and healthier" included in the new UN World Trade Organisation

IOSH’s policy brief Revitalising 2.0 - Building back better and healthier has been included in the new UN-World Trade Organisation online resource for trade negotiators and policymakers.

The handbook, called Model Provisions for Trade in Times of Crisis and Pandemic in Regional and other Trade Agreements is also intended to help inform discussions worldwide.

The IOSH submission recommends that trade policy and agreements include clear OSH requirements as model provisions at times of crisis and pandemic and that these also inform all future general trade and development strategies.

As well as proposals for strengthening trade agreements, IOSH highlights that policymakers, investors and organisations can benefit from the advice of OSH professionals, helping them to manage their OSH risks, identify workable solutions, train their personnel, improve their performance and transparency and build OSH capacity and cooperation for a safe, healthy and successful future.

IOSH has been thanked by the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) team for its input.

Richard Jones, Head of Policy and Regulatory Engagement, said: “This is a great achievement for IOSH, given the stiff competition from academics and trade policy experts from around the world.”

The full resource can be viewed on ESCAP's website. IOSH’s submission, which is part of the ‘Building back better’ section, you can also download the pdf of Revitalising 2.0: Building back better and healthier.

Marcus Boocock
PR Lead
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