Keeping on top of studies thanks to Student Bursary | Lydia Odiase

Being accepted for an IOSH Student Member Bursary has helped Lydia Odiase keep on top of her university studies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With her assignments moving online, the master’s student has spent her award on a mobile phone data package, enabling her to attend virtual classes and complete coursework.

“I felt so excited and special when I found out my application had been successful,” she said.

“Getting this bursary has gone a long way in financially supporting me during my studies and I would recommend other IOSH Student Members apply.”

Born and educated in Nigeria, Lydia chose to come to the UK to further her knowledge of occupational health and safety (OSH).

Her OSH interest was piqued during an industrial training placement at a health centre, when a doctor picked up an infection because he wasn’t wearing personal protective equipment.

“From that day I learnt that we need to take precautions to avoid negative behaviours that might impact on our health,” she said.

With a Pharmacy degree, hospital internship and health education role under her belt, Lydia is deepening her knowledge on the MSc in Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing at Cardiff Metropolitan University and through her membership of IOSH.

“I am learning about procedures and principles involved in living a healthy life to improve the health of others,” she added.

Read more about the IOSH Student Member Bursary.

Ali Barlow
Content Officer
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