IOSH and Saiosh sign the Memorandum of Understanding in Live webinar

IOSH's latest offering in our Covid-19 webinar series was hosted in collaboration with the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh). 

IOSH and Saiosh Global Working Collaboration – Sharing knowledge to improve the OSH profession was hosted by IOSH President Dr Andrew Sharman. 

It presented the renewed IOSH and Saiosh collaboration to help minimise the impact of Covid-19 and strengthen occupational safety and health in South Africa. 

Opening the webinar Dr. Andrew Sharman highlighted the priority for professional bodies globally:

“For all of us, our concern is the safety and health of millions of workers striving to continue to operate across South Africa, and of course in other parts of the world too. We believe that international collaborations like this build bridges and strengthen the positive impacts we can all make for safety and health at work.”

Presenters examined the complex role of health and safety professional in this crisis and the vital part we will all play as our countries recover and establish safe and healthy workplaces. 

Marking a historic day between Saiosh and IOSH. Neels Nortjé, CEO, Saiosh and Bev Messinger, CEO, IOSH took to the webinar to discuss IOSH and Saiosh member benefits as well as signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) live in front of delegates from across the world. 

Since Saoish was established in 2010 it’s phenomenal membership growth has cemented its position as the largest entity of safety and health in Africa. 

By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, Saiosh and IOSH embarked on a renewed collaboration, to further support each organisation's aims to advance the knowledge and professional practice of occupational safety and health. This commemorative moment comes just days after IOSHs No Time to Lose campaign gains its 400th supporter, from Ampak Nigeria Limited. 

Saiosh President, Sanjay Munnoo urged for a concerted effort to reduce work related injury and illness especially as workplaces navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanjay Munnoo highlighted the complex ways in which Covid-19 has transformed the landscape of South Africa's economy:

“South Africa is the most industrialised country in Africa and has been greatly affected by Covid-19. The country went into level 5 lockdown, the highest the country has seen on the 23rd March 2020. Covid-19 has fast-tracked the South African economy, accelerating the transition to contactless work and automation.”

The latest research indicates that the South African mortality rate for Covid-19 currently stands at 2% which is less than half that of the global average; standing at 6%. However, Sanjay Munnoo raised concerns as the country enters Level 3 of lockdown, as to unemployment rates. 

South Africa, similarly, many other nations have seen many companies enter business rescue or liquidation as a result of Covid-19. Now as countries begin to re-open premises after months of redundancy and furloughed employees, the global unemployment rate is expected to rise, with young people affected most.  

To best support their membership Saiosh have established the Saiosh Membership Relief Fund to assist individuals, that have been adversely affected due to COVID-19, to renew their 2020 membership with Saiosh. 

IOSH CEO, Bev Messinger, also spoke in-depth about how IOSH has aligned its resources to best serve its members and achieve its charitable objectives. 

“Once the pandemic was confirmed IOSH redirected all of its work to develop, write and design and disseminate Covid-19 material. 

We created a knowledge hub on our website that continues to grow on a daily basis. This involved helping businesses with workplace hygiene and preventative measures to then advising managers and staff to adapt rapidly to remote working. 

This strengthened our position as we aimed to support workers including healthcare and key workers.”

IOSH has also collaborated with global bodies such as the World Health Organisation to survey its members throughout various stages of the pandemic, with results to follow in due course.  

Saiosh, CEO, Neels Nortje reflected Bev’s messenger’s presentation by providing delegates with a deep dive into how Saiosh have offered support throughout Covid-19 and how they have guided their membership throughout the pandemic. 

To find out more about Saiosh, membership and its benefits, you can do so here.

Following Neels Nortje, IOSH, Assistant Category Manager, Ant Honey gave an insightful presentation on the role of the OSH professional and the value of CPD relevant training from IOSH and how it can help develop your knowledge and skills, now more than ever. 

To watch IOSH and Saiosh Global Working Collaboration – Sharing knowledge to improve the OSH profession and to watch the Q&A in full click here

Registration for IOSHs upcoming webinar Covid-19: The role of line managers in returning safely is now open.

Taking place on 18 June 2020 12:30 (BST) IOSH Vice President, Tim Eldridge, will host this week’s webinar, sharing a preview of new findings from a recent IOSH and YouGov survey of 700 decision-makers on the responsibilities of line managers in looking after employee health and safety. 

Our central result reveals that 96% of respondents said line managers are important in ensuring the people they directly line-manage are safe and healthy in the workplace.

IOSH will also welcome Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute, and Sue Parker-Tantush, Head of Health and Safety at the Co-op Group.

The webinar will present on the importance of managers in returning to the workplace post-lockdown. It will also consider the professional role of managers in crises like this one, their formal responsibilities, the duties of care they have towards staff and how they can and should collaborate with disciplines such as occupational safety and health.

To find out more information about IOSH webinars or to access advice and guidance on returning safely please visit the IOSH Covid-19 resource page

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