Covid-19 resources updated

Societies and health systems worldwide are continuing to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and new strains. IOSH is reviewing, adapting and updating our online resources to help you find what you need more easily.

One year since the first recorded death from Covid-19 in Wuhan China on 11 January 2020, almost 90 million cases of this coronavirus have been recorded in 191 countries or regions worldwide resulting in 1.93 million deaths.

This was a year without precedent in most lifetimes, causing global upheavals not seen outside the twentieth century’s two world wars. However, the Covid-19 pandemic also demonstrated the abilities of people to learn about communicable disease, to adapt to new hygiene and personal protection measures, adopt new ways of working and take precautions in their daily lives to protect others.

An exceptional international scientific effort made rapid discoveries about this disease and its variants and translated that into clinical advice, effective therapies and the development of vaccines in record time that now promise widespread immunity once vast vaccination programmes succeed.

Health workers and other essential workers have led efforts to care for many millions and keep supply chains functioning to meet populations’ needs.

And occupational safety and health professionals proved to be vital facilitators enabling businesses and organisations to risk-assess, control infection hazards and make sweeping adaptions that let life continue and help make recovery possible.

IOSH responded to these rapid changes throughout 2020 launching new ways to support members and non-members alike through advice, guidance, training and opportunities to connect and share insights and expertise.

An extensive set of resources have been developed and we’re now reviewing, reorganising and updating these to focus on four areas that help:

  • prevent infection spreading
  • make work Covid-secure
  • look after people and wellbeing
  • and give download links for our Covid-19 resources.

Over the coming weeks, new content will be added to these areas that give additional support for safety and health professionals and businesses to help implement safer and healthier cultures and controls. We also have a growing series of case studies showing how businesses have adapted to Covid-19, and our ‘Caring through Covid’ webinar series hears from professionals offering practical ways to make work better during this pandemic. Please continue to take part and share our resources with colleagues.

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