What is Safety4Good?

Safety4Good is an initiative developed by occupational safety and health leaders to demonstrate the valuable contribution that a dedicated and passionate occupational safety and health profession makes to a civilised society.

The media and the public have, in the past, portrayed the profession in negative terms. The significant proactive and preventative work that occupational safety and health professionals do to protect and serve their communities and colleagues often flies under the radar.

The mission of Safety4Good is to change these misunderstandings by presenting a more accurate reflection of the committed work the profession does every day to protect us and our quality of life.

Why is IOSH supporting Safety4Good?

Safety4Good is a great initiative that recognises the selfless nature of occupational safety and health professionals and, importantly, captures the many great examples of where they have used their expertise to support and enable worthy causes that have benefited people and society.

Safety4Good has a key role to play in helping the public to see the good that the profession achieves.

In his role as a Trustee of Safety4Good, Richard Orton, Director of Strategy and Business Development at IOSH, brings an awareness of the issues, with the organisational backing of the only Chartered body for safety and health professional.

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