Future Leaders Programme

A programme of activity for the next generation of occupational safety and health professionals

What is the Future Leaders Programme?

Our five-year strategy, “WORK 2022 – shaping the future of safety and health”, sets out our vision and defines the steps that we need to take to make sure we all achieve a safer and healthier world of work. As part of the Enhance pillar of our strategy, IOSH is developing a series of initiatives to promote Occupational Safety and Health as a career of choice and we are currently developing a Future Leaders Programme for early year OSH professionals.

We know that this programme of activity must meet the needs of our members, employers as well as the wider profession. We are creating a virtuous circle between the skills demand of employers and the talent created by higher education; ensuring that we equip our members with the blend of technical and business skills required to become our future leaders of the Occupational Safety and Health profession.


There are 3 main outcomes we are striving to achieve through our Future Leaders Programme;

  1. Career - we want to provide early year OSH professionals the opportunities for personal and professional development to help them on their career journeys.
  2. Capability - we want help the next generation gain the knowledge, skills and tools they need to deliver impact and value in the workplace and make an immediate impact on their organisations.
  3. Community - we want to welcome new members to our vibrant community of over 48,000 OSH professionals in every industry sector across the globe, giving them the opportunities to grow and flourish.

Through our Future Leaders Programme IOSH will show the next generation the fantastic opportunities a career in OSH provides as well as helping them to realise their ambitions and grow into our OSH leaders of the future, building a sustainable future not only for IOSH, but the OSH profession we represent.