IOSH Annual General Meeting 2020

Notice of IOSH Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 18th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of IOSH will be held virtually on Tuesday 27 October 2020 at 16.00 (GMT)

Key dates

  • Voting will close 24 hours before the AGM, at 16.00 (GMT) on Monday 26 October
  • AGM will be held on Tuesday 27 October 2020 at 16.00 (GMT)

The purpose of the AGM is to review and consider the annual report; to confirm the President and Immediate Past President for the next year and to confirm the appointment of members of Council elected by the membership or appointed by Council since the 2019 AGM.  

It is also to approve the appointment of the auditors for the next year and approve the appointment of the President Elect and Vice-Presidents. 

In addition to the items of business and ordinary resolutions, on this occasion Corporate members are being asked to vote on a Special Resolution (see link below) to approve changes to our Byelaws. These changes have been brought about following a review of our membership grades structure, which has taken place over the past 12 months. The review has involved extensive consultation with members throughout and the Board of Trustees have agreed that the recommendations of the review, which reflects the feedback from members, should be implemented. In order to properly apply the outcomes of the review, we’re asking Corporate Members to vote on a single Special Resolution to enable a number of small but significant changes to our Byelaws, subject to the approval of Privy Council. 

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How do I vote? 

All Corporate members are entitled* to vote. Corporate members are; Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows or Retired Members and Retired Fellows (formerly Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows who have retired from health and safety practice and who are no longer undertaking CPD).

All Corporate members wishing to vote must do so in advance of the AGM by appointing the Chair as their proxy and indicating how they wish their vote to be cast at the meeting. Voting will close 24 hours before the AGM, at 16.00 (GMT) on Monday 26 October. 

As the AGM is being conducted virtually and all proxy votes will have been submitted in advance of the meeting, any member registering to attend and who wishes to ask a question relating to a resolution must submit that question by 16.00 (GMT) on Monday 19 October via the registration form. If that question relates to the proposed Byelaw changes, we ask that members first read the ‘Special Resolution – Membership Grades Review’ PDF document and latest FAQ which can be accessed on the membership grades review web page

Questions raised will be addressed and published here in advance of the voting closing. 

If you're a Corporate member, you can access the voting site below which provides links to further information, guidance on how to vote and sets out the resolutions.

Vote now if you're a Corporate member

How do I attend the AGM?  

Any member may attend and speak (virtually) at the AGM. 

In order to attend the virtual AGM all members must register. Registrations will be accepted up to a maximum of 3000 attendees, therefore it is important that you only register if you are committed to attending. 

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*No Corporate Member shall be entitled to attend or vote at a General Meeting whilst he/she is in default for a period of sixty days or more in respect of any financial liability to the Institution.