IOSH Annual General Meeting 2020

Results of IOSH Annual General Meeting 

The 18th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of IOSH was held virtually on Tuesday 27 October 2020 at 16.00 (GMT) 

The purpose of the AGM was to review and consider the annual report; to confirm the President and Immediate Past President for the next year and to confirm the appointment of members of Council elected by the membership or appointed by Council since the 2019 AGM.   

It was also to approve the appointment of the auditors for the next year and approve the appointment of the President Elect and Vice-Presidents.  

In addition to the items of business and ordinary resolutions, on this occasion Corporate Members were asked to vote on a Special Resolution to approve changes to our Byelaws. These changes emerged from the review of our membership grades structure, which has taken place over the past 12 months. The review involved extensive consultation with members throughout, and the Board of Trustees have agreed that the recommendations of the review, which reflect the feedback from members, should be implemented. In order to properly apply the outcomes of the review, we asked Corporate Members to vote on a single Special Resolution to enable a number of small but significant changes to our Byelaws, subject to the approval of Privy Council. 

Ordinary Resolutions 

Appoint RSM UK of St Philips Point, Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5AF, as auditors for the next year

It was resolved that RSM UK of St Philips Point, Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5AF be appointed as auditors next year

Approve the appointment of Louise Hosking as President Elect for the next year

It was resolved that Louise Hosking be appointed as President Elect for the next year

Approve the appointment of Lawrence Webb as Vice-President for three years

It was resolved that Lawrence Webb be appointed as Vice-President for the next three years

Approve the appointment of Neil Catton as Vice-President for three years

It was resolved that Neil Catton be appointed as Vice-President for the next three years

Approve the appointment of Ciarán Delaney as Vice-President for one year

It was resolved that Ciarán Delaney be appointed as Vice-President for the next year

Special Resolution

Approve changes to the Byelaws, subject to any amendments required by the Privy Council

It was resolved that changes to the Byelaws, subject to any amendments required by the Privy Council, be approved

Responses to questions asked at the AGM on 27 October 2020

At the AGM in October 2020, members were able to ask questions, either live or through the chat function.  It was not possible to answer all of the questions at the meeting, so below are the questions relevant to the business of the AGM which were not answered at the meeting. Answers have been provided by the Senior Leadership Team. 

Can the Director of Finance and Governance say what kind of equity or shares are in the portfolio?

The IOSH share portfolio spans both global and UK markets and examples of where investments are held include organisations in IT, communications and healthcare services. There is also a property fund which is mainly invested in commercial buildings as oppose to retail.

With the success of remote meetings for branches, and the global reach of IOSH, will we be moving to an IOSH UK structure at some point in the future rather than the current regional structure?

We are being asked this by many members at the moment. It has been very encouraging to see a three-fold increase in the numbers of members attending branch and group virtual events during COVID compared to our usual physical offering. Given the extra benefit this is offering members from all over the world, we will be exploring what post-COVID activity looks like but as yet have not made any decisions about the future.

How many members have been lost / gained from 2019 to 2020 i.e. what is the change in membership total?

This changes all the time as members fall in and out of the renewals process. At the end of October 2020, we were circa 900 members down from the same time in 2019, however member recruitment remains strong and is over performing compared to this time last year. We have seen both an impact on renewals from COVID and we have had a significant number of chartered members aged in the demographic group 60-69 years leaving. The latter is a common issue among professional bodies having an aging demographic. This has been identified as a risk and is why the Board have introduced student membership and the IOSH Future Leaders community under its Work 2022 strategy in order to ensure a sustainable profession and membership body.

I belong to IOSH West Africa network group in Nigeria. I have an IOSH working safely certificate and lots of experience. I also have recently DPA certificate. I have been trying to upgrade my membership status but it has not been approved. Is it possible to look into membership upgrades, considering how expensive it is to do higher courses?

The UK Privy Council who award IOSH its Charter set the rules for what level of qualification is necessary to become chartered. This is currently a UK level 6 qualification or equivalent as laid out in NARIC (https://www.naric.org.uk/), so equivalent to achieving an honours degree in OSH. Unfortunately we are not able to change this under Privy Council rules. This is to ensure that everyone who is chartered has had to prove they are of the same standard. We understand that this may reduce opportunity for non-UK educated members and we are working hard in West Africa to build up partnerships with Government and Higher Education to ensure there is local access available to ensure a route through to membership which is more affordable.