Food and Drink Industries Group - letter from the Chair

Letter from the chair – June 2020

I write this letter in what is undoubtedly unprecedented times for us all around the world. We have become used to new terms such as social distancing and furloughing staff from work. Face timing families and friends has become the way we keep in touch and queuing to get into supermarkets with one-way systems to respect 2m social distancing become the norm.

Someone said a while ago now that if life does not feel very unusual or challenging then we are not following the rules and doing our bit to stop the spread of this virus.

The food and drink industry is certainly pulling together to feed the nation from manufacturers and retailers collaborating and sharing good practice in order to survive and then thrive for the future.

As a group we continue of course to stay in touch with each other holding virtual meetings as we did a couple of weeks ago. Software tools such as Skype, Zoom and Webinars have certainly come into their own and provide an invaluable communication method.

Of course as you would expect all IOSH events, in which people physically get together have been put on hold for the time being as we focus all our efforts on staying safe and we will review the situation and government advice as to when we can start organising and promoting events again. This includes The Food and Drink Conference and annual awards scheme  but we will review as and when we promote this again.

Our next webinar is on “Practical ideas to make your business COVID secure” is on 17 June 2020 at 11.30.  You can book your place here.

As a group we will continue to post helpful guidance and information on our web site as well as use social media along-side what IOSH is doing to support industry as a whole.  Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for regular updates.

It only remains for me to wish all of you and your families the very best in our quest to stay safe, and come out of this crisis stronger than before, with not doubt life taking on a difference meaning and way of working for many people in the future.

Best wishes

Andy Melachrino, Chair