February 2020

It is with some pride that I write this, my first update to you all as the Chair of the Fire Risk Management Group (FRMG). As you will be aware from the last Network Update from my predecessor David Gold, I commenced my term in office at the end of November 2019. I am pleased to be able to report that since my election there has been some good work going on behind the scenes which, I believe, will result in an even stronger network.

2020 will be a year of gradual change to the group as we build a new future for the FRMG – at the end of 2019 we added a number of new committee members, all of whom bring with them new ideas and new visions for the future. I will be supported by two new vice-chairs, Michelle Pitkin and Emmanuel Monney and together we form the new FRMG leadership team. We will use the experience of our existing members, David, Michael and Gary and the enthusiasm and freshness of our new members Vicki, Ian, Alan, Rob, Anne and John to ensure that our direction is in line with IOSH principles yet also includes a drive to take on new challenges.

As part of the planning for 2020 the new team met for a strategy day in January during which ideas were discussed and formulated to ensure that we give you, our members, what you expect from the group. Some of our 2020 initiatives will focus on improving our communications, looking at how we work with other IOSH and non-IOSH groups, and building upon our educational resources so that we can participate in events and activities which will raise the profile of “all things fire related”. Watch out for reports of our activities during the year.

Talking of events, we are currently finalising our plans for a full day event that we are running in association with the IOSH South Downs Branch in late March. This is already looking like a great event for all involved as all places have been booked out and a waiting list formed. It is good to report that Emmanuel has already given a presentation to students at Middlesex University which included outlining the benefits of joining IOSH and the Fire Risk Management Group. The IOSH membership team have already advised that this was a real success with new members already having signed up to IOSH. Well done Manny.

With a number of committee members committed to attending a number of other meetings and events over the next couple of months there will be plenty of activities for us to tell you about in the next update.

We have already started to build links and gain alignments with other groups that are focussed on fire around the country. If you get chance to attend one of the events or meetings please do so and come and meet us. It would certainly be good to meet you and hear your thoughts first hand.

As I said earlier, during 2020 we are committed to improving our communications with you so watch out for further up-dates from us via social media, the IOSH Website and Network Updates such as these. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you.

We are excited about 2020 and we hope that you are too.

Neil Vincer CMIOSH
Chair – Fire Risk Management Group