Financial Services - letter from the Chair

July 2020

Since my last note we have seen a change in the controls we need to adopt as the governments of the world battle to balance infection control and economic activity.  These control measures or in some case lack of, will pose challenges for us as a community in our efforts to support the world of work. If you are facing challenges that are causing you sleepless nights get in touch as many of your peers will be feeling the same, but many may have solutions or thoughts that will assist. We are happy to broker connection as appropriate.

IOSH are also facing challenges. The impact of coronavirus has caused changes in working arrangements, so if there are issues you are not getting addressed bear with the teams as they address things as quickly as possible.  A key piece of work that has continued is consultation on the value of sector groups. We hope that the Financial Services Group continues to benefit our members and the profession as a whole. We are actively contributing to the wider consultation to ensure our sector’s interests are considered.

Part of our input is demonstrating the work we have done. If you’ve missed it, our round up of 2019 can be found here.

But more importantly looking to the future.  Just after the summer break, we will be holding a round table event with industry leaders to look at the future of work and its impact on employees. Once full details are finalised we will share and actively encourage you to join and pass details on to others who may gain benefit from attendance.

We shall also be holding a webinar on the Menopause on Monday 24 August where we will be joined by the Consultancy Group. The menopause has significant impact not just on those who are experiencing the effects of which there are more than I realised but can severely impact their work and domestic relationships. Book your place now.

I hope you can see from these two examples we are continuing to bring though provoking debate to enhance your knowledge and thinking in the arena where we operate.

If there are further topics you feel we should raise to improve awareness then please get in touch with our Relationship Manager, Julie Littlejohns on Julie.littlejohns@iosh.com.

Best wishes

Huw Jones, Chair