South West Branch - letter from the Chair

Welcome to the IOSH South West Branch.

If you are new to the Branch I hope you will join us at one or more of our events, and for existing members rest assured that we continue to listen to feedback, which informs our thinking when trying to arrange interesting and stimulating talks by subject matter experts at all of our events. Thank you to all who have offered to speak, but we have only a limited number of opportunities, so it might not be possible to accommodate everyone.

Don’t forget that attending these branch events can be counted towards your CPD; remember to sign the attendance sheet as evidence of attendance.

Please email southwest@ioshnetworks.com 72 hours in advance if you are planning to attend any of the meetings. Notice is requested for three key reasons:

  • We need to arrange seating to accommodate the members and guests in comfort;
  • We need to notify the venue of the right number or people for catering;
  • The speakers like to know approximately how many people will attend to provide handouts if they intend to use them.

Do not expect a reply to emails unless you request one. We usually only reply to notifications to attend events if there is a problem.

All events can be searched from the branch events section of our web site or from the main IOSH events search page. Presentations from past events are also published under recent events. Keep an eye on the website, and in addition if you’ve notified membership@iosh.com that you wish to be affiliated to the South West Branch and you’ve supplied your email details you will be placed on the South West Branch mailing list for important late breaking information and notification of our events. Feel free to speak to the Committee at one of our meetings or contact us via the email addresses shown on the Branch Committee web page.

I hope to meet many old and new members at future events.

Mark Brown, IOSH South West Branch Chair.