Promoting IOSH school safety video

Xi Yao charity fair for Children's Cancer Foundation

04 October 2017

The school aims to nurture well-behaved, happy and lively children who spontaneously love and care for others; to proliferate renowned Xingqing Education, so that every parent will rejoice and take pride at their children in becoming pillars of the society.

This annual charity event is a CSR initiative from the teachers, preschoolers and parents who embraces education based on the Confucius beliefs.

IOSH at Families@PAVE in celebration of Children's Day 7th Oct 2017. IOSH worked with more than 20 families in the effort to prevent family violence. PAVE is an organisation which aims to promotes a healthy community, free from violence through empowerment, collaboration and advocacy. PAVE is a voluntary welfare organization set up in 1999. It is also the first family violence specialist centre in Singapore.

IOSH Exco member Seah Sok Hwee volunteered her service at both events as a games coordinator and first aider. She is glad to have the opportunity to share IOSH school safety videos during the events.