Singapore Branch

Welcome to the IOSH Singapore Branch, representing health and safety professionals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Globally.

Making the difference

As we move towards our 10th Year of IOSH Singapore Branch being established, the AGM held on 9th May 2019 saw a several new and younger Exco volunteers take up position. Our Branch growth and development has never been so strong, levering on the robust foundation of previous committee members. My second year as Chairman, in my second 3 year period (I did have a 2 year breakšŸ˜Š), I am honored to be able to continue to contribute and guide our Branch to greater heights and further growth with developing the safety community in Singapore and the Region.

This year our branch will continue to realign ourselves to the IOSH 2022 Vision and our Branch Strategy launched in 2019, while doing so we will continue with the THEME of GROW; Grow Professionally; Grow Personally. Our regular events; and development of members IPD and CPD to encourage more members to work towards the Chartered membership status has been established and we will reinforce our relationships with other like-minded associations in Singapore and the region to promote the safety and health message wherever we touch and reach. We have a busy year of branch events planned and we encourage you to engage with us, make the most of your membership and contribute to enhancing our lives, at home and at work by promoting health, wellbeing, and safe actions at all times.

A message from Steven Low your Vice Chairman - It has been a fruitful year since I took up the Vice-Chairman and CPD/IPD Coordinator positions and I was very privileged to work with 2018/2019 EXCO committee. Their commitment and dedication to this volunteer service was commendable, especially the excellent leadership from our Chairman, Darren Bruton.

We hope members and non-members who attended last year monthly network events which incorporate a wide variety of knowledge sharing, find them useful in developing their competencies and awareness.

Beside the monthly network and collaboration events, Alvin Gan and I have also conducted monthly CPD/IPD sessions. Since the first inception in early March 2018, we have shared and helped more than 50 members and non-members on membership issues, their CPD and IPD queries. I believed the one-one sessions, hand-on workshop and sharing of our experiences in achieving Chartered Membership have triggered non-membersā€™ interest to explore IOSH membership, and also equipped members the confidence to upgrade their membership categories and ultimately achieving their Chartered Membership.

In addition to the monthly sessions, we also setup social media WhatsApp group for those who are unable to attend or prefer to work on their own. We currently have over 40 members in the various level chat groups with an estimate of 10 or more starting their Chartered Membership journey. With more student membership coming on-board, we also see such sessions as invaluable support to help them progress through their membership.


Best regards and wishes,

Darren Brunton CFIOSH
Branch Chairman
Steven Low CMIOSH
Branch Vice Chairman