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Letter from outgoing chair

Hello all,

I hope this communication finds you all well and finding a way to acclimatise to our ‘new normal’.  My apologies in advance for what is likely to be a bit of a longer note to you that usual, but with our having to cancel our AGM which was booked for the 01/05/2020 there are a number of changes that I would like to make you aware of.

First and foremost, I regret to say that we have had to cancel our annual conference, which was set for June 2020, due to the current restriction on all IOSH membership events up to the summer.  It is our hope that we will be able to run events again after the summer holidays, and we will update you on this as soon as IOSH have established their strategy for events after returning from lockdown.

Due to the restriction on events, we, like every other IOSH Branch are unable to hold our AGM this year, and as such with the approval of Council, IOSH have allowed the necessary recruitment and changes to IOSH Committees to be completed this year through co-option rather than the normal voting process that is normally utilised.

This year, including myself, we are seeing several existing committee members stand-down to enable the recruitment of new members to the committee.  I would personally like to thank Neil Catton, Debi Anderson & Mark Caswell for their time and input into my committee. 

As a result of my stepping down from the Branch Committee I would like to inform you of a series of changes within our officer roles as of 01/05/2020:

  • Angela Abbs, who has been serving as our Branch Secretary is co-opted as Chair until the next AGM.
  • Andy Bagworth (former branch Chair & Secretary) is co-opted as Secretary until the next AGM.
  • Ray Hurst (former IOSH President & Branch Chair) is co-opted to continue his membership of the committee until the next AGM.
  • Caroline Kannwischer & Kane Appleton are co-opted as new committee members until the next AGM.

Angela and Andy will be supported in their officer roles by Rachel Marriot (Vice-Chair) and Rachel Lambert (Treasurer) who will continue in their officer roles and by Carl Free (Comms Coordinator) and Natasha Wales-Dixon (Committee Member).

My final thing to say, before officially stepping down from the role of Chair, that I have been honoured to hold for the last 4 years, is to thank both my committee and the membership for your incredible support over that time.  During my term we completely restructured the committee and our approach to our events delivering unprecedented engagement with our members through our events and social media (LinkedIn & Twitter) accounts. 

Upon taking on the role of chair I welcomed Angela, Rachel L and Carl to the committee and at the time I could not have anticipated the phenomenal support that they would offer, and it is their continued commitment and guidance that along the rest of the team that has delivered so much success to the branch.   Knowing that they are remaining in key roles means I know the EAB will continue to lead the way within IOSH as to how branches seek to understand and interact with the members to ensure that you all receive the most out of your membership.  To all 3 of you I thank you, never should or would I have expected so much support from new volunteers and I look forward to seeing what the next generation will deliver with such an incredible team around them.

To Neil, who re-joined the committee at my personal request to bring a level of knowledge and experience of IOSH networks at a time when most of our team were new to the branch, thank you for your support and learning opportunities that you have offered us all.

To Ray & Andy, I thank you for your continued counsel over the last 4 years, and to our varied Relationship Managers (Julie, Nathalie & Brenton) who have supported me during my term, again thank you, the straight and narrow would be a difficult road to follow without you there on the shoulder!

Until we next cross paths at an EAB event, I wish all of you and your families good health, stay safe and thank you again for the opportunity.




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