Agriculture fatals 2016-17 - Farm Safety Week

07 July 2017


Annual Report on Fatal Injuries for 2016-17

HSE's 'all industry' Annual Report reveals that 27 of the 137 work-related fatalities in GB last year occurred on farms. Actually the provisional total is 30, if 'members of the public' killed on farms are included.

Coincidentally, 27 farmers and farm workers died in the previous year, although it is interesting to note that an even higher proportion were self-employed last year, ie 20 self-employed vs 7 employees, compared with 17 and 10 respectively in 2015-16.

You will have already read about many of these incidents in RIG News items and in the farming media. A detailed analysis of the agriculture-related incidents in GB will be released at the Royal Welsh Show on 24th July. Meanwhile, information on these and several others which have happened over the past 3 months are also summarised - along with links to relevant guidance - in news items and blogs on the Farm Safety Partnership (England) website.

We must not forget that these figures are provisional. Also that the 3 members of the public who were killed on farms in 2016-17 sadly included a 3 year old child, who was run over during February. In that month alone there were 10 (avoidable) tragedies reported on GB farms.

The annual injury rate also remains high - 18 times higher than the national all-industry average. So, this years Farm Safety Week cant come too soon!

Farm Safety Week (24-28 July 2017)

Yellow Wellies has announced that this year's 'Week' is also being launched at the Royal Welsh Show on Monday 24th July. Again it involves all the key farming organisations from the 5 countries (UK & Ireland), working together over 5 days with 5 different themes, but one key message: "Farm safety is a lifestyle, not a slogan."

This initiative is supported by the Farm Safety Foundation, the 5 national Farm Safety Partnerships (FSPs), the national regulators (HSE, HSE Northern Ireland and Ireland's Health & Safety Authority), together with all the major FSP partners - including IOSH of course.

There are some big plans for this year's Farm Safety Week and the team have scoured the country to gather inspirational stories to support each theme and offer valuable safety reminders about approaching farming tasks in the future. So this month, don't forget to wear the Yellow Wellies lapel badge, follow @yellowwelliesUK on Twitter and Like and Retweet tweets and posts throughout the week using the hashtag #FarmSafetyWeek.