Railway Group recent events

Following our events a brief review will be published by the Group Committee and Railway Group Members will be able to view and download (where possible) the presentations from the event.

June 2021


Digital systems in the modern railway – vulnerabilities and opportunities
Dr Emma Taylor, Head of Digital Safety, RazorSecure

Cyber threats are increasing, and becoming more sophisticated with new capabilities.  By understanding where the potential risks are, and how a cyber incident could be used to affect the integrity of a rolling stock network and its systems, this webinar allows you to better understand the important role cyber security plays in the safe running of the rail industry, and feel more able to engage with  IT and cyber security colleagues and work towards an integrated approach on safety and cyber security.

June 2019

Heritage Tour at St Pancras

On 12 June, High Speed 1 hosted an IOSH Railway Group tour at St Pancras International train station. The tour was led by Jay Newton and Josie Murray of High Speed 1 and covered over 150 years of St. Pancras’ history, from design and construction through to present day.

Areas of significance were highlighted which now form part of the strict heritage requirements that need to be met in the ongoing maintenance of the building. These heritage aspects were discussed with the group to give an appreciation of the challenges of operating St Pancras International. The tour concluded with a visit to the roof to look over to the top of the station and how it sits in the landscape of London.

April 2019

Dan Basacik RSSB, 'Managing Fatigue'


On 16 April 2019, the IOSH Railway Group hosted a webinar on managing fatigue. The webinar was a great opportunity to discuss the research, advisory documents and tools available from RSSB to support effective fatigue management for the rail industry. Thank you to all of those that joined us for the webinar and enjoyed the session.

If you were unable to join the webinar, you can now view the materials. Click on the link to learn from industry experts on the key factors affecting fatigue, how to effectively manage it and where to locate additional help and guidance.

February 2018

08 February 2018 - Judith Devlin webinar, 'Managing sleep and fatigue on railway projects'

To view additional IOSH webinars, please visit the new webinars page.

November 2017

09 November 2017 - Rail Industry Conference
IOSH hosted the annual railway industry conference at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel in Nottingham.

October 2017

12 October 2017 - Using the Railway Management Maturity Model (RM3)