Railway group - letter from the Chair

Dear Railway Group Member,

IOSH Railway Group Survey

Thanks to everyone who completed our short survey. The committee found the results very helpful, and the information will be used to shape the programme of activities we hope to deliver. I have included the results for your information. We were very pleased and encouraged to receive offers to host meetings or visits and present webinars.

UK and further afield

It came as no surprise that most of our members were from the UK. However, we are very keen to hear what our members are doing further afield. With this in mind, we would encourage any member who is involved in an interesting and/or innovative piece of work, would be prepared to write an article for our website, or present a short webinar to get in touch.

Member interests

The survey found that many of our group are also members of other IOSH groups, notably:

· Construction

· Environmental and Waste Management

· Fire Risk Management

It is our intention to organise events to reflect these interests.

The ‘environment’ in particular stimulated our thoughts in association with ‘climate change’ and the impact of it on the railway. This is an issue we are keen to pursue.

We are aware that ‘fire standards’ are being reviewed by the Railway Safety and Standards Board (RSSB). We aim to collaborate wit RSSB to find out more, and perhaps put together a short webinar to explain what is expected, and to highlight any changes to railway standards and to EN 45545-2 Fire protection on railway vehicles.

Member background

It is clear that the majority of our members work on the railway infrastructure, and that there is significant membership within Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and Light Rail and Metros. Although these are the background of most of our members, we believe other railway sectors will have much to offer, and once again we welcome anyone who is willing to put together an article for our website or present a short webinar to get in touch.

Get in touch

If you have any comments on the survey or are willing to support the initiatives mentioned, please get in touch via this email: networks@iosh.com.

Yours sincerely,

Russell Keir

Vice Chair, IOSH Railway Group Committee