Recycled rubber infill on artificial sports pitches causes a very low level of concern

Following concerns raised regarding the risks posed from substances in recycled rubber on artificial sports pitches the European Chemicals Agency ECHA has announced its preliminary findings that having analysed the evidence and evaluated the risk has "concluded that the concern for players on these pitches, including children, and for workers who install and maintain them is very low." However the ECHA is committed to continue to monitor the situation and does recommend some actions for operators and owners of these fields in particular that;

  • Owners and operators of existing (outdoor and indoor) fields should measure the concentrations of PAHs and other substances in the rubber granules used in their fields and make this information available to interested parties in an understandable manner.
  • Owners and operators of existing indoor fields with rubber granule in fills should ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Players using the synthetic pitches should take basic hygiene measures after playing on artificial turf containing recycled rubber granules.

Further information is contained at the ECHA website.

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