Public Services - letter from the Chair

Dear Group Member, 

Well we have entered 2021 and the main news remains Coronavirus and the ongoing response to the issue. It does look like the first shoots of spring are visible with, at the time of writing, over 10 million people vaccinated in the UK and hopefully this will soon be replicated across the globe. 

Speaking of new shoots, the new members of the Public Services Group committee have now settled in and following our meeting on 26th January 2021, we agreed a new strategy for this coming year. We would have liked to develop a longer-term strategy but with so many unknowns due to the dreaded C word and with a new IOSH strategy expected in 2022 we are focusing on some key short term outcomes.  

One of key themes of our strategy is to reflect the requirements of our group members so we are planning a lunchtime meet the committee to discuss strategy. This is planned for 12pm on 9th March 2021, further details to follow.  

We have also created a Public Services Group LinkedIn page for the group where we aim to share key information that we think will be relevant to all our membersThis will allow us to share relevant information, articles and content.  

Our main theme of the year will be a programme of webinar’s around the topic of violence and aggression to staff. The first of these is scheduled for the afternoon of the 15th June 2021. 

Finally, on behalf of the committee, I would like to say we look forward to meeting you, if only virtually, in the coming months. 

Take Care and Stay Safe 

Stuart Langston, on behalf of the Public Service Committee