Offshore Group - letter from the Chair

April 2020

Dear IOSH Offshore Group Colleagues,

The ongoing COVID 19 issue is no doubt affecting each and everyone one us, and very sadly despite best intentions and expert guidance it is likely that the situation will get worse before it begins to improve. Our thoughts and prayers go out to colleagues, friends and families who are suffering at this difficult time.

As safety professionals we are accustomed to hoping for the best but planning for the worse, but the virus has no doubt exceeded the capability of most emergency or business continuity plans and in these dark days we should perhaps reflect on that. The lessons we as a community are learning today need to be remembered and where possible included in future planning. Whilst many of the lessons learned may be quite business specific there is a clear opportunity to share the knowledge that we as an industry have paid a heavy price for

My intention in coming days is to use the IOSH Offshore group LinkedIn page to try and capture valuable lessons learned for the whole COVID-19 experience so that when we emerge and normality begins to return to our sectors we can use the information to assist in future planning and decision making

Finally I was pleased to hear in the recent UK government briefing there was a thank you to workers currently working hard to maintain our critical infrastructure. Whilst I totally endorse the fantastic work being done in the UK and globally by health professionals we should also acknowledge the hard work and dedication of those who are working in challenging conditions to keep the lights on, the fuel in our tanks and the heat in our homes….so thank you for your efforts

With best regards,


IOSH Offshore  Group Chai