Food and Drink Industries Group - letter from the Chair

Update – December 2020

I would firstly like to thank Andy Melachrino and Pamela Brown for everything they have done for the Group, standing down as the Chair and Vice Chair respectively at our last meeting. They have been instrumental in making the Group what it is today and they will be missed by the Committee.

I am proud to be appointed as the Chair of the Group with David Chaplin joining me as the Vice Chair. We are both very fortunate to have a very passionate and supportive Committee to help support us in our new roles.

The Food & Drink Industry has faced exceptional challenges this year and our profession has risen to the challenge. Dealing with the pandemic has not been easy with ever changing requirements and uncertainty causing added pressures.

I wrote an article for September edition of the Food Manufacture Magazine and stressed that whilst it is important to manage the issues arising from the pandemic, we need to ensure that we stay focussed on core safety and health issues.

We are planning a series of events for 2021 and will update you as soon as these are arranged. If you want to keep informed of what we are doing you can follow us on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

If you would like to know any more about the Group please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Craig Foyle
IOSH Food & Drink Industries Group