Update - 5th August 2019

The IOSH Fire Risk Management Group (the Group) continued to work towards the goal of bringing the issue of fire safety at work to the same level as occupational safety and health. Two specific projects support that goal: addressing complacency when an evacuation alarm is sounded; and developing and implementing educational continuing professional development (CPD) modules for occupational safety and health professionals.

There was considerable growth of the Group globally. There are now over 7,000 members.

A number of activities were continued or implemented by the Committee during the reporting period including:

- Reinforcement of the delegation of responsibility to two newly appointed officers to coordinate educational activities and coordinate the strengthening of the Group’s Web site.

- Four working groups were active during the 1st and 2nd quarter:

  1. The complacency study sub-committee: Developing, implementing, analysing and reporting on the complacency questionnaire. Working with the administration of IOSH (behind the scenes) to strengthen the response to the questionnaire on complacency. (We currently have over 300 responses)
  2. The communications sub-committee: Strengthening the Web site.
  3. The recruitment / selection sub-committee: Over 25 members of the Fire Risk Management Group applied to be a member of the Committee.
  4. The education and training sub-committee: Working with the administration of IOSH to find an electronic-based mechanism to host the materials for the different educational seminars. And developing and implementing additional educational seminars.

- An active liaison was maintained with the (UK) Fire Sector Federation liaising with other UK organisations. Additionally, informal relations were maintained with the (US) National Fire Protection Association.

- The Chair participated in the IOSH Chairs’ Day.

- Two members of the Committee developed an article that was published in the most recent issue of IOSH Network News.

- Five members of the Group worked with the Mid Shires Branch to develop and implement a day-long fire event, "A hot topic, Fire safety", facilitating four of the Group's fire safety CPD seminars.

- A member of the Committee organised and participated in the IOSH Swiss Network Fire Safety Day, facilitating one of the Group's fire safety CPD seminars.

- Two members of the Committee delivered selected fire safety seminars (developed by the Group) for the Food and Drink Conference in Ipswich.

- The Chair, on behalf of the Committee submitted an application for the Group to be considered for an IOSH Excellence Award.

The Chair would like to express appreciation to the current members of the Group’s Committee for their dedication, as well as their considerable time and efforts. The Chair would also like to express appreciation to the Group for their enthusiastic support of the programmes being implemented.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr David Gold

Chair, IOSH Fire Risk Management Group