Environmental and Waste Management Group - Letter from the Chair

May 2020

Dear Members,

We are already five-months into 2020 and I’m now six months into my role as Chair of the Environmental and Waste Management Group (EWMG). Andy Robertson stood down from the committee in December having overseen one of our most active and successful periods - my personal thanks go to him, and our long-standing Co-Vice Chair Ewhen Hasioszyn, who remains in support.  Andy’s last meeting prompted reflection of all that has been achieved by the members of the EWMG over recent years, and that need for reflection is important for all in our profession; I would ask you to think about how you have incorporated the IOSH strategic aims into your work; to enhance the occupational safety and health profession; to collaborate to build partnerships and to influence positive change within your organisations. 

Focussing on last year, the EWMG increased engagement and influence with IOSH branches and also other professional bodies, including IEMA and CIWM, as well as presenting at and co-sponsoring the LetsRecycle.com Conference in Leicester. Industry wise we have taken an active interest in the WISH/ESA research and forthcoming guidance on fires due to Lithium Batteries as well as engaging with the WISH forum and providing feedback to documents in consultation.

For some of us 2020 may also herald a new role working for a new employer, new colleagues and new challenges.

 IOSH is reviewing the remit/terms of reference of its groups – many of which emerged over the past 30 years in an ad hoc basis. With the world of work changing with new technologies, a global presence and a climate change ‘crises’ it serves us to reflect on the aims and expectations of the EWMG as we move forward; Our group has members and influence in more than one area:

  • Members whose roles include Environmental practice advice – in all sectors
  • Those members who provide Occupational Health and Safety Advice in waste management companies, collection, distribution, process and disposal
  • Those members involved in extraction and manufacturing process which includes incoming consumables, sales and wastes management

It would be great to hear the views of those IOSH members who have membership of the EWMG as to how we can best be of benefit to all of you. With groups now aligned with Research there are new opportunities that the committee is interested in exploring. Please get in contact via our Relationship Manager: contact

To each of you, I wish the best over what could well be a very difficult period over the forthcoming months.

Many thanks

David Thomas

IOSH Environmental and Waste Management Group Chair