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Education industry resources

Useful links for the Education industry:

Fire safety timeline - This is a link to:

  • how quickly a fire spreads and how much time a typical family has to evacuate from the moment a fire ignites
  • the leading causes of house fires
  • percentages of homes that had an operable smoke alarm when a home fire fatality occurred

HSE Sensible Health and Safety In Schools - This is a link to sensible health and safety management in schools.

HSE Risk Education - This is a link to the HSE Risk Education site.

DfE Health and Safety Guidance - This is a link to the Department for Education health and safety guidance for schools.

Slips, trips and falls - This link is about an HSE campaign to reduce the number of slips, trips and falls in education.

Work related learning - This link is about work related learning for all at key stage 4.

Sparky - This link is about Fire Safety for young children provided by the US National Fire Prevention Association.