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The IOSH Education Group represents and works with members across the whole sector to promote health and safety in all areas of education. We have Committee members who have expertise in all areas of learning. We are able to offer guidance to Early Years, Independent Schools, Boarding Schools, Local Authority and Academies, Colleges, Universities, Apprentice and Training providers.

Following our very successful recent conference ‘Embracing risk in education’ Thursday 10 October 2019 held at Leicester Racecourse the information relating to the day can be found here. You are able to review the presentations for our conference topics and hope these will be of benefit to our overseas members and anyone else unable to attend the event. 

We have over 4,129 members and pleasingly we continue to grow. We continue to see our overseas membership grow with 785 members overseas. We are particularly pleased to see in the category of Student Membership that we now have 191 members so a very warm welcome to all our new members, and best wishes for the New Year ahead to all of our Members.  We always welcome any thoughts on what our members would like to see from the Group so please contact us via the details below.  We will shortly be publishing our new newsletter and our previous newsletters can be viewed here: news

Our Communications/Social Media Co-ordinator will be championing our activities on social media so please follow us to find out more.

Want to find out more?

Fiona Riley
Chair of the IOSH Education Group
Email: education@ioshnetworks.co.uk

To join the group, please email the Membership Team on membership@iosh.com, quoting your membership number, and they will be able to add or change your group.

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