Construction Group - letter from the Chair

IOSH Construction Group Update – January 2021

To all IOSH CG members.

Trust you are settling well into the new year whilst still dealing with the effects of the pandemic on our working environment, colleagues, friends and family. The IOSH CG committee members recently held a committee meeting to discuss what we would like to do this year for the IOSH CG members and the wider construction industry. In summary see below:

We have several joint webinars planned with other IOSH groups and branches. Some where we are jointly running the event and others where we are supporting our IOSH colleagues. They are:

East Midlands branch event on 14 Jan, where Lawrence Webb from our committee supported the East Midlands branch.

Mid Shires branch event on 11 February, where our chair Malcolm Shiels will speak and support the Mid Shires branch.

East Anglia branch event to be held in July jointly with the IOSH CG.

We are looking to work with the IOSH Railways group on a webinar / event on mental health. We are looking to work with and support the Health and Safety Executive as much as we can and are fortunate to have a Health and Safety Executive representation on our committee.

The IOSH CG will be supporting the push on inclusion and diversity in the construction industry. We are keen to point IOSH CG members in the direction of International Woman’s day on 08 March and would urge all IOSH CG members to challenge us industry and ask are we all doing enough to encourage women into the construction industry and ensuring that it is done on a level footing with men (tackling gender and ethnicities pay gaps).

We will continue to highlight the great work being done with veterans by our current IOSH president Jimmy Quinn (Jimmy is also vice chair on the IOSH Construction Group). Please look out for Jimmy’s and IOSH updates on the great work with our veteran community. We are actively seeking your input on two specific matters, they are:

  1. We would like to run an IOSH CG members clinic. At some point during a half day virtual event, we will be setting up featuring a couple of key speakers, we want to be able to open up the virtual floor to questions and queries from our members to create better engagement with the IOSH CG committee. Please watch out for further announcements on this and we look forward to your input from around the globe.
  2. We will be organising a webinar, but this time the people speaking / presenting will be IOSH CG members. We are asking for your thoughts / case studies (preferably good with lessons learned) / challenges for the industry. We will be looking for three to four speakers (circa 15 mins each) and ask that you send your initial idea to Malcolm.shiels@costain.com

Regards, your chair, Malcolm Shiels