Broadcasting and Telecommunications Group - letter from the Chair

June 2019

Are you taking the next step?  This is a question we’re being asked as we look towards the upcoming IOSH 2019 conference on the 16th and 17th September.  Be sure to book your place in what is looking to debate some of the key topics for our industry including business and leadership skills, competitive advantage of good safety performance, effective cross industry collaboration, sustainability and human capital and achieving a healthy workplace. 

Did you take the next step during mental health awareness in May?  There was certainly good public discussion about mental health breaking down the barriers for open and honest conversations that is ok to not be ok.  If you need any additional support working in an industry that is ‘constantly connected’, Committee member Alison Wright Reid reviewed the IOSH research on Mental Health First Aiders and curated an extensive list of resources, research, guidance and webinars for our members to take a considered view about what practical advice and actions can be taken in the workplace to support mental health. 

Of particular interest is a mental health gap analysis which can be used in your workplace.  There is also a specific ask if you would like to share your results of the gap analysis with Alison.  It would be good to see the wider picture of where organisations are with regards supporting mental health in the workplace.  Have you succeeded, or failed, in getting managers trained in stress/mental health? Can others learn from your experiences?  This would be of interest to our members in Broadcasting and Telecommunications as we prepare some case studies to share.

At the IOSH conference, hear from Alison in the exhibition hall on day 1 about workplace stress, recognising the early signs, keeping out of the stress danger zone and “winning at your to do list”.  You’ll be able to recognise our own physical, intellectual and behavioural changes as stress sneaks up and identify and committing to a handful of small changes that will begin to keep stress under control.

Did you also take the next step in your professional development?  Continuing our series of case studies to help you on your professional membership development journey, hear how our committee member Gary Flatley achieved Chartered membership and his personal motto of ‘Ancora Imparo’ or Latin for always learning.  A motto shared by many of us in the safety profession!

And finally, taking the next step in practical occupational health, plans are underway for a webinar in July on managing asbestos when installing or decommissioning telecommunications.  More details will follow on our website.

All the best and keep safe!

Arlette Anderson
Chair, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Group