AGM and Head to Toe

17 April 2017

Lee Patterson Yorkshire Branch Chair gave an overview of the current status of the branch finances and intentions for the coming year. The branch continues to grow in membership and is financially able to again provide quality speakers for our regular branch meetings at Rogerthorpe Manor. It is the branches intention to hold additional meetings at a couple of other venues in the Yorkshire region; the two we had last year proved very popular with our members. More details about the AGM can be found via podcast.

Amanda Dowson Peritus Health Management delivered a very interesting, practical and amusing presentation which was well received by all who attended. There was certainly plenty of delegate participation; with many commenting on how they had enjoyed the session.

Amanda started by turning the presentation title and description upside down. She explained that poor posture and upper limb disorders started at the toe and if you can get your feet position, body mechanics, core strength and posture right this would dramatically improve long term health. Who knew that examining the soles of old safety boots before ordering new ones could be helpful in determining the types of shoe required to reduce the risk of musculo-skeletal problems?

With all the attendees examining our own body mechanics, we felt the difference in muscle fatigue between static loading and repetitive movement, found our own core muscles and perfect posture and recognised practically, the importance of neutral posture in upper and lower limbs as well as backs.

Amanda discussed how with proper posture and core strength, the majority of back pain can be prevented and demonstrated how training a group of employees in moving, handling and postural awareness had resulted in the employees managing their own risks within the workplace.

If you can take one thing from any presentation then its well worth the time and effort attending. It was clear by a show of hands that majority of attendees had been using their work stations incorrectly. A key tip for me was that having your telephone at your dominant hand side of the desk was not the best place: when I answer the phone and have to take messages then I inevitably have to balance the handset on my neck to write with my dominant hand. Simple solution move your phone to your less dominant hand and stop juggling your phone around your neck. Unless, you have a head set?

Overall a very enjoyable session with some valuable advice given.

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